CCS Granulated Sand Wax Instructions


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Create your very own luxury event sand candles or custom sand wax candles with our CCS Granulated Sand Wax. This wax which has a fine grain sand form is 100% natural vegetable wax. This wax has so many usages ranging from uses in large vases for special events, custom sand wax creations, young hobbyist candle making, or usage for decorating the tops of your already finished candles. Add in multiple different dye colors or fragrances for fun and colorful candle designs. The wax is easy to dye, easy to fragrance and there is no heating required. Simply shake the wax in disposable seal-able bags with liquid concentrated candle dye and/or fragrance oil to create different colors or to add fragrance.


Before starting: Be sure to cover your work area to protect from spills. It is much easier to have your containers pre-wicked and ready before you begin to melt your wax if you are making retail or full melt pool candles. Otherwise for refillable sand wax candles for events do not worry about wicking just yet. Using cotter pins or wick bars: Center the cotter pin on the top of the container, pull wick tight and slide wick into the slit. Be cautious not to pull too tightly or wick may release from bottom of the container. Check to ensure the wick is centered and adjust the cotter pin if needed. Now you are ready to begin the candle making process!


  Step 1: Prepare the Wax


Start by putting aside a large amount of sand wax to fill into your container. You will want to portion this out into one or more sealable bags if you are using either fragrance, liquid color dye and/or multiple liquid dye colors. (Taking note of the weight of your empty sealable bag now will help with your fragrance calculation later. We recommend to measure this with a compatible scale in grams). If you wish to add color or fragrance, see Step 2 and Step 3 below, otherwise skip to Step 4.


  Step 2: Measure & Add Dye (Optional)


Now that your sand wax has been portioned out into one or more bags (more bags for multiple colors or fragrance), add liquid color dye. We recommend 1-6 drops depending on how deep you wish the color to be. (Do note liquid dye has an odor. The more dye you add the more prevalent this odor may be. Additionally, adding higher amounts of dye or oil may make the sand wax sticky.) Now that your dye has been added, ensure your bag containing your sand wax and dye is sealed. Shake the bag safely and vigorously until all the dye is adequately dispersed onto the sand wax. Check the bag and add more color if necessary for darker shades.


  Step 3: Measure & Add Fragrance (Optional)


Now that your sand wax has been portioned out in one or more bags and optionally color dyed (more bags for multiple colors or fragrance) add fragrance oil. We recommend 4-6% for the fragrance load, 18-28 grams per pound or 0.6-1 oz per pound for the fragrance load. Determine how much sand wax you have in your bag by weighing this on a scale less the weight of the empty sealable bag. You can either subtract this from your weight total or use the tare or zero function on your scale when weighing the empty bag. Add your fragrance oil. Now that your fragrance has been added ensure your bag containing your sand wax and dye is sealed. Shake the bag safely and vigorously until all the fragrance is adequately dispersed onto the sand wax.


  Step 4: Pour, Layer, and Design


Pour, layer, and design your candle as you see fit. You may attempt to pour this directly from your sealable bag, but you may find it easier to put this into another easy to work with wide container, especially if you using tools to layer for a specific pattern. Create fun patterns with multiple colors or fill your container with one solid color. You may use such tools as a spoon to create specific patterns or maybe you want to cut out some dividers to use and remove for a more specific design. Create argyle, plaid, or camouflage patterns. The possibilities are endless. Tap the bottom or lightly jostle the container to get the contents to fully settle throughout and after designing


  Step 5: Prepare for Handling, Traveling, or for a Longer Shelf-Life (Retail Candles or Full Melt Pool Candles)


Consider using candle containers that have lids. The sand will be quite loose in the container and using packing materials with container lids may be necessary. We recommend to heat seal the top of the candle at medium heat with a heat gun for 10-20 seconds. This will help seal the contents to help contain the materials and your creative design.


  Step 6: Trim or Set Up the Wick 


Trim the wick to ¼” length using wick trimmers, scissors or nail clippers. *Note: Be cautious as to not to trim them too short because they would not burn properly. If making refillable sand wax candles for events you will need to add a wick as your last step. Use a pre-dipped prepped wick or remove the metal tab from your ready to use container wick. Place this wick into the wax by pushing it downwards in the center of your sand wax in the container. Leave around 1/4" exposed so you have a portion of wick to light when ready.



  Step 8: Finishing Touches


Add a label for your own branding and presentation if you wish.  As with all products to be sold or given to friends and family it is always recommended to apply a caution label.


Congratulations! You have successfully made your sand wax candle!


CCS Granulated Sand Wax Candle Maker's Specifications

1-8 drops Liquid Dye

4-6% Fragrance load

Larger CD Wicks Recommended

6% Max Fragrance Load




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