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 TW-30 is an all natural tart wax made specifically for wax tarts and melts to be used in burners or melters. It's hard all natural soy consistency makes it ideal for tart molds and other molds. TW-30 can hold up to 18% fragrance allowing your wax melts to not only diffuse fragrance longer, but to also have stronger aromatic potency. TW-30 pillar wax and natural soy properties also make it ideal for candle decor and for use in making doodads or decorative trinkets for your custom crafted candles. This wax provides enough hardness and shrink to release from most simplified molds. TW-30 tart wax is also ideal for whipping as the natural soy look comes close to the look and texture of cake and desert frosting. Whip TW-30 soy wax and let cool to put through a desert piping bag to create cake, cupcake, and desert like decorations.

This instruction sheet covers the tart and wax melt making process. For pillar applications please view the CC-35 instruction sheet. For whipping wax to create desert frosting decor please see candle makers notes on the main product page. 

Before starting: Be sure to cover your work area to protect from spills. It is much easier to have your containers ready before you begin to melt your wax. Now that you have your containers or clamshells ready and laid out for pouring you are ready to begin the tart wax melt making process!


  Step 1: Measure Out The Wax


Weigh out the amount of wax required into your melting pitcher. Our stock six cube clamshells hold 72 grams each.


  Step 2: Melt The Wax


You may melt the wax on a gas stove or electric burner on low heat (Be cautious of overheating). The wax just needs to be heated enough to get the all the contents liquid. This should happen at around 170-180F. Keep the temperature below 200F. *Note: Check the temperature of the wax occasionally to make certain it is not getting too hot; adjust temperature as needed. While the wax is melting you can continue with the next steps, but make sure that the wax is never left unattended.


  Step 3: Measure & Add Dye


Once the wax is melted, add the desired amount of color and stir the mixture until it is blended thoroughly.


  Step 4: Measure & Add Fragrance Oil


Now that your wax is all liquid and at anywhere from 170-180F you are ready to add the fragrance oil. Candles commonly have 1 to 1.5 ounces of fragrance per pound of wax. This is not candle wax. TW #30 is designed to hold large amounts of fragrance (Up To 18% or 3 ounces per pound!) This is achievable thanks to a few conditions. Firstly the wax is extremely great at absorbing oil and maintaining its consistency (Its fortified consistency maintains the hardness of the wax to allow for easy breaking and removal from clamshells or molds). Secondly we are not using a wick set up with an open flame because these are designed to be melted from an external heat source. Your advantage is that your wax melts can be 33% stronger and last 33% longer in comparison to other wax melts.


  Step 5: Mix & Pour


Once all contents are added and everything is liquid mix carefully and thoroughly. Allow the contents to cool down to 160°F or less, especially if you are pouring into plastic molds. Hotter wax may form holes in your plastic molds and create less than savory messes or it may melt the mold giving the tart melt a less than professional appearance. Carefully and slowly pour the wax into your containers. *Note: If you pour too quickly, the wax could splash up on the side of the container or form small air bubbles on the top of the wax. The containers can now be left to completely cool. It is best if you move them as little as possible so the wax does not slosh up the sides of the container. Make sure there are no fans or air vents blowing directly on them since you do not want to accelerate the cooling process.

  Step 6: Allow To Cool


Allow the wax melt to cool completely. Keep in mind even when the wax looks solid it may still be liquid on the inside. It is best to cure at least overnight before enjoying. Longer cure times may result in stronger and longer lasting fragrance.


  Step 7: Finishing Touches


Add a label for your own branding and presentation if you wish. As with all products to be sold or given to friends and family it is always recommended to apply a caution label.



Congratulations! You have successfully made your wax melts!


TW-30 Wax Melt Maker's Specifications

Add Fragrance at 170-180°F

8-18% Fragrance Load

Pour Temp 150-160°F

18% Max Fragrance Load




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