Blue Sage & Sandalwood Fragrance

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Aromatic Rating 8 Essential Oil Content Bath and Body Safe
 Description  Scent Profile

Indulge in a combination of nature and luxury with our clean, refreshing blend of Blue Sage & Sandalwood. Citrusy notes dance effortlessly alongside delicate florals and herbs, all delicately feathered with silky lavender and spiced clove. Natural patchouli adds depth and complexity to this unforgettable aroma while musky undertones mingle seamlessly with comforting sandalwood for a truly indulgent scent journey.

Top Notes: citrus, herbs, and jasmine notes

Middle Notes: light clove and lily notes

Bottom Notes: musk, patchouli, and sandalwood notes

Essential Oil Content: Bergamot, Clove, and Patchouli

 Fragrance Specifications

 Recommended Max Usages

Bath and Body Safe

Flash Point: 188°F

Vanilla Content: 0

Phthalate Free

Paraben Free

Suggested Colors: Aqua, Blue, Lavender

Prop 65 Compliant Product - No labeling required

Candles  up to 12%
Soap  up to 6%
Lotion up to 2% 
Phthalate Free Yes 
Diffuser Compatible Yes
Vanillin Content 0


*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels. Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


 Fragrance Documents

It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the individual using the products from California Candle Supply to conduct the necessary tests to ensure the quality and safety of the product and/or finished product. In no way is California Candle Supply responsible for any adverse reactions or changes in quality due to the mixture of items/products purchased from California Candle Supply or mixed with other items/products from any other source. For this reason California Candle Supply recommends to test all products or finished products before creating items in bulk or offering products or finished products to others. It is responsibility of the purchaser and/or individual to comply with all laws when using products from California Candle Supply and to ensure safe products whether these items are being used, sold, given away or in any format where possession of an item changes ownership. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or individual using products from California Candle Supply to ensure all posted specifications and limits are followed to ensure further safety. In no way is California Candle Supply responsible for any damage whether to a person or property in the usages of their goods. When creating goods it is the crafter's/user's responsibility to ensure a safe workspace, that instructions are being followed, and that items are being created in safe manner. Never leave hot wax or other craft materials unattended. Never heat any product past its flashpoint. Never let any wax exceed temperatures of 220F and/or temperatures in which damage can occur to persons or property. California Candle supply is not responsible for any harm or damage to persons or property in the creation of making goods with its products. In regards to using products: never burn or use your candles or products in a draft, never leave a burning candle or product unattended, never place a candle or product on uneven or bare surface, do not burn candles or use products next to other items including, but not limited to furniture ,drapes ,paper, or anything that could catch fire or become damaged.







Safety Data Sheet for fragrance oilIFRA Fragrance InformationEU Allergen List







Product Reviews

  • 5


    Debbie on Sep 13th 2023

    This is my families favorite scent

  • 5


    Stay on Sep 13th 2023

    This is a soft, beautiful scent that is masculine without being too cologne like. Love this smell!

  • 5


    Delia Guerra on Aug 15th 2023

    Smells like a recent spa visit I took. Clean, relaxing vibe.. Will continue to buy more. The sandalwood isn't to strong.

  • 5


    StayB on Jun 12th 2023

    This is beautiful, light and relaxing ly spa like! Love it!

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