Body/Mist Spray Instructions


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Our full oil and completely soluble body mist spray base is specifically designed to work seamlessly with fragrance oils, ensuring maximum aromatic performance. Our 'No Water' water base ensures thorough mixing, amplifies aroma carrying capacity and inhibits bacterial growth. Our body spray base is Bath and Body Safe and Prop 65 Compliant.


Before starting: Be sure to cover your work area to protect from spills. It is much easier to have your containers ready before you begin. Using good sealable and water tight bottles with fine mist or spray diffusers is recommended. Now you are ready to begin the Body/Mist Spray making process!


  Step 1: Measure Out Your Materials


First, determine the volume of your bottle or how much you want to fill it. For example, a 4 ounce bottle holds roughly 114 grams (28.3 x marketed volume). Next, calculate the fragrance load for this bottle based on desired concentration. If using a 5% fragrance load, multiply total volume by 0.05 (114 x 0.05), which results in approximately six grams of fragrance oil needed for this example (leaving us with 98 grams available for spray base). Mix six grams of fragrance oil with our Body/Misting Spray Base and pour into sealable container such as an appropriate perfume or spray bottle.


  Step 2: Add the Contents to the Bottle


For a 4-ounce bottle, weigh out 98 grams of our Body/Misting Spray Base and six grams of fragrance oil. Combine the two directly in the bottle or mix together in a clean pitcher, such as a candle pouring pitcher, before transferring to the spray bottle


  Step 3: Seal and Shake


Once all contents are in the bottle, securely fasten a water-tight cap or sprayer/diffuser and ensure proper sealing. Shake the bottle several times to mix ingredients thoroughly.


  Step 4: Finishing Touches


If desired, add a label for branding and presentation. It is recommended to include a caution label when selling or giving away the product.


  Step 5: Test and Enjoy Safely


It is important to follow the IFRA sheet instructions for the fragrance oil you are using or planning to use. The IFRA provides maximum allowable fragrance amounts for different usages and areas of application on the body. Please note that some fragrance oils may have varying maximum allotments depending on their intended usage.




Congratulations! You have successfully made your body/mist spray 

Body/Mist Spray Base Maker's Specifications

                  Common Fragrance Loads 5-10%                 

   For Max Loads Follow the IFRA on the Fragrance




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