Pineapple Sherbet Fragrance

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8 Reviews

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    Pineapple heaven

    This scent is true to its name & smells divine. This is a repurchase for me.

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    Very nice FO

    Really sweet and superb. Would buy this again.

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    The BEST Pineapple scent

    I used to use another pineapple scent from another supplier... until I found this one. The throw of this is just absolutely wonderful! I'm definitely getting some coconut and making myself a lil piña colada next year! Thank you SO much!

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    The best scent!

    I love this scent smells sweet like pineapple. Will definitely buy again!

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    Great Scent!

    This is one of the best pineapples that I’ve found! It’s great on its own and also blended. The throw is outstanding!

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    The Best Pineapple!

    Pineapple Sherbet is hands down THE BEST pineapple fragrance I have found! The cherry and coconut components really add to the depth of this scent making it much more yummy than just plain pineapple. The hot throw is outstanding! Another amazing scent from CC!

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    This Fragrance is a Winner

    I am new to CA Candle Supply and I am highly impressed with their fragrances thus far! Their scent descriptions are always on point. This particular scent is amazing. Very true to pineapple. I have mixed this scent 1:1 with their coconut scent and the results are amazing. Everyone loves it. I will definitely buy more!

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    Pineapple Paradise

    This is one the best Pineapple fragrances I've ever smelt. It's true, fresh & sweet. Reminds me of another scent named Pineapple Ice but with more depth. Excellent for Candles, tarts & melt pour soap. Mix it up with some coconut for the ultimate Piña Colada.

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