Body/Mist Spray Base

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Our full oil and completely soluble body mist spray base is specifically designed to work seamlessly with fragrance oils, ensuring maximum aromatic performance. Our 'No Water' water base ensures thorough mixing, amplifies aroma carrying capacity and inhibits bacterial growth. Our body spray base is Bath and Body Safe and Prop 65 Compliant.




 Type Body/Mist Spray Base
 Composition Oil
 Flash Point 200F
 Prop 65 Compliant Yes
 Rec. Fragrance Load 5-10% (Check IFRA's)
 Max Fragrance Load Check Fragrance IFRA


 Product Specifications  Product Image
Fully compatible with all California Candle Supply fragrance oils and most other oil based fragrances 
'No Water' formula ensures thorough mixing, amplifies aroma, and inhibits bacterial growth   
Designed for body spray and misting application. Follow the IFRA on the fragrance you are mixing for maximum loads in regards to application usage or area
Bath and Body Safe
Prop 65 Compliant






Body Mist Spray Base 

   Product Documents


Safety Data Sheet  IFRA Fragrance Information EU Allergen List Certificate of Analysis Instruction Sheet


Please be sure to perform your own tests before creating your candles in bulk as it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the finished product by conducting all necessary tests.


 Candle Makers Notes:

This body and misting spray base is made from components that are fully soluble in oil. We do not use any water because water separates from oil. Other spray bases may contain water as the primary ingredient. You will find that when using fragrance oils with bases with water this water will separate from the oil and each time before use vigorous shaking is likely required to get aromatic potency. Water encourages bacterial growth and bacterial inhibitors with other bases is recommended if they do not contain these already. To create your own body spray simply mix together our Body/Misting Spray Base to a Bath and Body Safe fragrance oil. Do check the IFRA documentation the fragrance oil as it will have the max loads for different applications as well as for different areas of the body. Most body sprays are made with 5-10% fragrance oil, but you may use more depending on the IFRA of the fragrance being used. Add contents to sealable bottle with diffuser such as a compatible spray bottle or perfume bottle. Shake and mix it before use. You should find that repeated shaking or mixing is not usually required.


It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the individual using the products from California Candle Supply to conduct the necessary tests to ensure the quality and safety of the product and/or finished product. In no way is California Candle Supply responsible for any adverse reactions or changes in quality due to the mixture of items/products purchased from California Candle Supply or mixed with other items/products from any other source. For this reason California Candle Supply recommends to test all products or finished products before creating items in bulk or offering products or finished products to others. It is responsibility of the purchaser and/or individual to comply with all laws when using products from California Candle Supply and to ensure safe products whether these items are being used, sold, given away or in any format where possession of an item changes ownership. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or individual using products from California Candle Supply to ensure all posted specifications and limits are followed to ensure further safety. In no way is California Candle Supply responsible for any damage whether to a person or property in the usages of their goods. When creating goods it is your responsibility to ensure a safe workspace, that instructions are being followed, and that items are being created in safe manner. Never leave hot wax or other craft materials unattended. Never heat any product past its flashpoint. Never let any wax exceed temperatures of 220F and/or temperatures in which damage can occur to persons or property. California Candle supply is not responsible for any harm or damage to persons or property in the creation of making goods with its products. In regards to using products: never burn or use your candles or products in a draft, never leave a burning candle or product unattended, never place a candle or product on uneven or bare surface, do not burn candles or use products next other items including but not limited to furniture ,drapes ,paper, or anything that could catch fire or become damaged.






Product Reviews

  • 5

    Body spray base

    Gretchen Hawthorne on Mar 21st 2024

    This is a amazing base, blends immediately after adding fragrance, great on skin especially after a shower, it has a moisturizing ability that softens skin. I use perfumers alcohol for my perfumes but it's to strong for a body base and this is exactly what I hoped it would be

  • 5


    Roxanne vanillabeandreamz on Sep 15th 2023

    When I say, this is the best body spray base I have ever used that as an understatement. This is the best body spray ever I highly recommend I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this product. It’s so simple it’s clean it mixes correctly. There’s no oil residue from my fragrance oils. This is a dream come true I am definitely going to be buying a 25 pound bucket for fall and my Christmas season. Don’t think about it just buy it if I could give this product 10 stars, I would you will not be disappointed.