Coco Bright #11 Wax (Coconut Hybrid Blend)

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19 Reviews

  • 5
    Beautiful wax

    Posted by Danica on Apr 30th 2021

    My tops and ct and hot are amazing! Love this wax!

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    Used to use soy but have switched to Coco bright. .

    Posted by Dawn McRitchie on Apr 2nd 2021

    The wax sets up so nice with beautiful tops and a wonderful hot throw. Accepts color wonderfully.

  • 5
    Amazing Wax

    Posted by Jenny on Mar 2nd 2021

    Huge fan of this wax! It was easy to use, melted fairly quickly, and paired well with the scents I chose. Would buy again in a heartbeat!

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    Quality Wax

    Posted by Lynn M Allen on Mar 1st 2021

    Once we did extensive wick tests, this wax has been great. Single pour at a 190 degrees produces smooth tops. The fragrance throw could be better but workable. Using a 15% load has helped. Cd wicks work perfectly.

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    Great Wax

    Posted by Tina Means on Feb 19th 2021

    This is great wax to work with considering some soy wax I had that was very difficult to work with. I get very smooth tops as well as great cold and hot throws. I once bumped a vessel and caused the wax to crease. I used my heat gun to even it back out and it looked like an original pour. I do clean and heat my vessels before pouring and no adhesion problems! Definitely will be purchasing a lot more of this wax!

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    Beautiful tops, great hot throw.

    Posted by Brielle Bryant on Feb 2nd 2021

    I'm new to candlemaking and started with soy 464. That was horrible for me. But when i came across this wax i was so happy! It's a single pour and beautifully smooth tops nearly every time. The bright white is also an aesthetic plus. The HT is amazing, even without curing for a few days! The CT (in my experience) isn't amazing but certainly isn't bad. It's there, but how far away you want the candles to be when you get a waft is up to personal taste, I suppose. You also may run into wet spots a few days after pouring, but ultimately you really can't beat how forgiving this wax is.

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    Great cold throw

    Posted by Tega Milton on Nov 27th 2020

    I’m using this in combination with Coco apricot creme, I poured three different FOs yesterday, I have got smooth tops and a beautiful white candle, the cold throw is strongggg. Letting it cure for a bit and I would test the HT. I love how hard it is also

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    Good but have had some issues

    Posted by Daren K Carter on Nov 4th 2020

    The wax is easy to work with and has the BEST cold throw I think I've experienced. Wax burns evenly and clean. However, I'm having issues with the wax adhering to the candle containers. I have tested the wax in ceramics, and treated glass vessels (metallic paint on inside of vessel) and the wax pulled away from the wall of the vessel once the candle was lit. I have burned the candles and the performance was very good despite the issue.

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    Such a beautiful and bright wax

    Posted by Alexis on Oct 27th 2020

    I switched over to Coco Bright when my usual wax was unavailable due to the pandemic. I love this wax and I won’t be going back. It firm, has a beautiful cold and hot throw. It is such a bright white that my wicks look like they’re floating in my pearl white containers. My favorite thing is that it doesn’t discolor with any of the fragrance oils I use. I ended up with yellow candles last year using fragrance oils with cinnamon.

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