Coco Bright #11 Wax (Coconut Hybrid Blend)

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26 Reviews

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    AMAZING results!

    I loved this wax the moment I opened the bag lol. I’ve worked with a few coconut waxes so far and they are notoriously soft, which always makes me nervous when it comes to shipping in warmer months. This one is very firm but still easy to cut through. Love how clear it is when melted, and it cooled to a bright white, super smooth finish with a slight dip in the middle. CT was great almost immediately and got stronger as it sat up to a week+. HT was very strong even after 3 days, with amazing throw after the fifth day. I tested with 10% and I believe 6-8% would still produce strong results with the scent notes able to more clearly blossom through instead of smelling concentrated. I noticed I have to wick up in width size for wooden wicks to get a wider pool, and the adhesion to my glass vessel wasn’t that great - both because of how firm the wax is I assume. I was hoping this could be my one stop wax but it’ll be best served in a blend with softer coconut waxes for better adhesion at least. However , because the throw and cure time is so great, it’s worth the extra step and 5 stars for me.

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    I love Coco Bright #11

    Coco Bright #11 was definitely designed for fragrance release that can fill a room. It's creamy white, easy to work with and no sinkhole EVER!

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    Love this wax

    This wax surprised me. It’s so easy to work with and the finish is amazing! Beautiful smooth white finish. I highly recommend it!

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    Best clean wax there is!!

    Seriously if you’re looking for a wax that is more environmentally friendly and clean. This hybrid wax has the best hot throw. I’m always impressed with every candle and wax melt I do. Smooth pours. No wet spots. Melt point is low but helps with good scent throw in minutes. I’d 10 out of 10 recommend it.

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    Fantastic wax!

    Smooth finish and very bright white. The hot throw is fantastic! My whole house smells like pumpkin pie

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    Coco Bright

    I think I’ve found my new wax! So much easier to work with, great HT but light CT which is ok because I’d rather it be this way opposed to light HT. Still testing but so far I’m pretty pleased!

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    Great Wax

    I have been using this wax for the past year and very happy with it. Tried other waxes but always come back to Coco Bright #11

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    Beautiful wax

    My tops and ct and hot are amazing! Love this wax!

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    Used to use soy but have switched to Coco bright. .

    The wax sets up so nice with beautiful tops and a wonderful hot throw. Accepts color wonderfully.

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