CCS #12 Wax (Soy/Veggie Container Blend)

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20 Reviews

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    CCS #12 WAX

    I love this wax. Easy to use and the finished product is so smooth and pretty.

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    CCS #12 Soy/Veggie

    I normally use Coco Bright, however it was out of stock at the time. I am very happy with this wax and may switch permanently. HT is good and smooth tops.

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    OMG! Just amazing!

    An CCS associate suggested this wax and I was hesitate to try it. I'm so glad I did! It is just amazing!

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    My #1 Wax

    I am absolutely in love with this wax this is my 4th purchase and I will continue to buy! Smooth tops every time as well as great adhesion!

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    Overall good wax

    I'm giving this wax 5 stars, because it has a good hot and cold throw and consist smooth top. After testing this wax, I have realized a curing time of about 7 days most, and if beeswax is added for hardness it does not affect the hot throw, cure time or wick size. Also blends well with other wax such as the coconut 83 and soy 10. Overall a great substitute for when other waxes are not available.

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    Best starting wax

    Just started making candles and this wax is very easy to work with

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    I had been using 464 and this by far is outstanding the hot & cold throw are equally great , I am currently on my 3 order and am very pleased, the smooth tops as well as the glass adhesion are great !

  • 5

    I purchased this wax because I ran out of my other wax from candle science. I used this wax a few days ago and it is amazing!! This wax is easy to use/cut when it cures in my vessels it’s so smooth and creamy. I’m amazed because I always had to use a heat gun to smooth out my tops, not with this wax!!! The cold and hot throw is way better than the wax I originally use. I will definitely be switching to this wax from here on out! My only complaint is the delivery time 2weeks is a long time to wait when you have orders. But this can be fixed, I just have to pay closer attention to my inventory and order in advance before I run out LOL. All in all I 100% recommend this wax

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    The best wax

    I’ve ordered this wax 4 times! I love how easy it is to work with, I never have frosting with this wax. It always comes out so smooth and creamy. Will for sure keep buying this wax!

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