Golden Wax 464 (All Natural Soy Wax)

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 Description  Properties

Golden Brands 464 Wax is an all natural soy container blend. It is processed into wax flake form for easier handling and measuring. The lower melt point of this wax reduces shrink and helps the wax to better form to it's container. Pouring at colder temperatures are usually quite beneficial for the best adhesion. 464 can hold a lot of fragrance considering its dry flake structure and low melt point. 




 Type All Natural Soy Flake
 Consistency Viscous, Dry, Off-White
 Usage Candle Containers
 Max Fragrance Load 10%
 Recommened Wicks CD/ECO
 Melt Point 113-119°F
 Rec. Pour Temp 140F
 Prop 65 Compliant Yes
 Specifications  Instructions

 All Natural Soy Flake Wax

Processed into flakes for easier handling and measuring

High fragrance retention for a flake form wax

Lower melt point and viscosity for better adhesion

No additives required

It may be susceptible to melting or sweating fragrance in hotter environments

Prop 65 Compliant Product - No labeling required

 Heat until wax is fully liquid while monitoring temperature. Do not let the wax exceed 200°F. Remove from heat source. Add fragrance oil at around 180°F. Mix for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Pour at 140°F. Allow candles to cure for at least three days before burning for a more favorable fragrance throw.


Take note of your candle pouring environment as colder room temperatures or cold glass may require a hotter pour. The inverse may also be true for pouring candles in hotter environments.

 Recommended Wicks and Wicking


Recommended Wicks: CD and ECO Series

1.5 - 2.0"  CD 3-5, ECO 1-2
2.0 - 2.5"  CD 5-7, ECO 4-6
2.5 - 3.0"  CD 7-10, ECO 6-10
3.0 - 3.5"  CD 10-14, ECO 10-12, 2 x CD 2-4, 2 x ECO 1-2
3.5 - 4.0"  2 x CD 4-8, 2 x ECO 4-6


Recommendations for wicks based on the type of wax used. Fragrance loads and fragrance types may change wick recommendations. Do factor in the jar height as candles may retain more heat causing the candle burn hotter than normal as it burns deeper in a given vessel. 

Commonly used wicks with GW 464 and Cal Candle Supply Containers

4 oz Tin  CD 5-6, ECO-4
8 oz Tin  CD 12-14, ECO-12, 2 x CD 2-3, 2 x ECO-1
16 oz Tin  2 x CD 5-6, 2 x ECO 4
6 oz Cali Jar  CD 6-7, ECO 4-6
10 oz Cali Jar  CD 8-10, ECO 8-10
13.5 oz Cali Jar  2 x CD 3-4, 2 x ECO-2
16 oz Cali Jar  2 x CD 7-9, 2 x ECO 6-8, 3 x CD 3-5
8 oz Textured  CD 6-7, ECO 4-6
14 oz Marquis Jar  2 x CD 5-8, 2 x ECO 4-6 3 x CD 2-3
Large Wood Dough Bowl   3 x ECO 6-8


Commonly used wicks based on independent testing and customer feedback. Fragrance loads and fragrance types may change the burn profile and overall experience. Do factor in the jar height as candles may retain more heat causing the candle burn hotter than normal as it burns deeper in a given vessel.


Safety Data Sheet for fragrance oil Instruction Sheet for wax

 Please be sure to perform your own tests before creating your candles in bulk as it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the finished product by conducting all necessary tests.












 Candle Makers Notes:


464 is flake form wax with lower viscosity and lower melt point. It may be susceptible to sweating oil during shipping or in hot environments. This however is beneficial as the wax has less shrink and better conforms to the sides of the glass. It also helps it reduce shrink on cratering on the tops of the candle when curing. Additives such as Beeswax or Vybar may prove to be beneficial in reducing this sweating and adding more heat resistance. Other flakes form waxes such as 444 and C-3 offer higher melt points at loss of adherence with more shrink or possible cratering, but better resist sweating for enhanced shelf life. Soy 10 offers the most heat resistance while maintaining adherence with an oilier consistency, but comes in a slab form. 464 like other all natural soy wax is prone to frosting and may show this frosting more obviously when using color dye. Adding petroleum additives such as Paraffin 130 or Vybar have shown to help reduce this sweating. Like most natural flake form soy waxes blooming on the tops, cratering, and a soy clumpy texture may form after burning your candle. Petroleum products such as Paraffin 130 and Vybar may help bind the wax together better after burning. For an all natural additive, Distilled Monoglyceride has proven to be beneficial. Through testing with the ECO series wicks they have shown great performance in terms of hot throw. These wicks may burn hot in deeper vessels because containers may retain more heat as the flame burns deeper. CD wicks have shown a more stable burn profile at a small cost of hot throw performance. Larger CD wicks have been prone to mushrooming. Vessels with a 3 inch diameter have been the more troublesome size to wick. Testing with both the CD and ECO series may be required depending on the properties of the fragrance oil if applicable. For vessels with larger diameters, typically starting at 3.25 inches, double wicking with small wicks has shown improvement in terms of hot throw, balanced burn profile, candle life, and a reduced chance of mushrooming. Like most soy products that is typically a small drift in oiliness from batch to batch with the 464. For the most part this difference has been inconsequential. When transporting this wax in summer heat this oiliness is typically greater as its presence on the outside of the wax is more apparent. 



It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the individual using the products from California Candle Supply to conduct the necessary tests to ensure the quality and safety of the product and/or finished product. In no way is California Candle Supply responsible for any adverse reactions or changes in quality due to the mixture of items/products purchased from California Candle Supply or mixed with other items/products from any other source. For this reason California Candle Supply recommends to test all products or finished products before creating items in bulk or offering products or finished products to others. It is responsibility of the purchaser and/or individual to comply with all laws when using products from California Candle Supply and to ensure safe products whether these items are being used, sold, given away or in any format where possession of an item changes ownership. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or individual using products from California Candle Supply to ensure all posted specifications and limits are followed to ensure further safety. In no way is California Candle Supply responsible for any damage whether to a person or property in the usages of their goods. When creating goods it is your responsibility to ensure a safe workspace, that instructions are being followed, and that items are being created in safe manner. Never leave hot wax or other craft materials unattended. Never heat any product past its flashpoint. Never let any wax exceed temperatures of 220F and/or temperatures in which damage can occur to persons or property. California Candle supply is not responsible for any harm or damage to persons or property in the creation of making goods with its products. In regards to using products: never burn or use your candles or products in a draft, never leave a burning candle or product unattended, never place a candle or product on uneven or bare surface, do not burn candles or use products next other items including but not limited to furniture ,drapes ,paper, or anything that could catch fire or become damaged. 






Product Reviews

52 reviews Write a Review
  • 5

    Best soywax

    Alicia Torres on May 30th 2024

    Great quality soywax 464, this is my go to placed to purchased.

  • 5

    Great soy

    milvia lopez on May 30th 2024

    This wax is the only one that just binds so smoothly with fragrance. I live where it gets up to 120 degrees and this wax doesn’t lose its scent.

  • 5

    Golden Wax 464 Soy Wax

    Adrian Sandoval on May 7th 2024

    I absolutely love this wax. It's one of my most favorites! Thank you California Candle Company, for shipping this item to me so fast. I will be ordering more products from you. Best, Adrian

  • 5

    Golden wax 464

    Yvette Sotomayor on Feb 27th 2024

    This is my favorite wax very easy to use and fix when I make a mistake

  • 5

    Best Soy Wax

    The Sugarwitch Co. on Feb 18th 2024

    We've been using this wax for the last several years, and it is an excellent value with a smooth and clean finish.

  • 5

    464 soy wax

    Mary on Oct 31st 2023

    I have been making soy candles for 7 years and Cal Candle golden brand 464 soy wax is the only company I will buy from . The tops are smooth and the wax arrives in perfect condition . It’s awesome .

  • 5

    Soy Wax 464

    Thelma Polee on Oct 12th 2023

    This is the perfect wax for my candle, it drys smooth, no need to top off the candle once it’s dry. The fragrance is long lasting once poured into the wax.

  • 5

    464 Wax

    Ann Polee on Sep 21st 2023

    Perfect wax for a perfect candle, nice smooth melting wax, dry smooth no need for heating gun to top off your candle. I highly recommend 464 wax

  • 5

    Great Wax to use

    Lakesha Vaughn on Jul 16th 2023

    I love ordering this wax, it works well in my candles.

  • 3

    Not holding scent

    Tisha Higgins on Feb 28th 2023

    I buy this wax for my small business because I see it has a lot of great reviews but when it arrive and I test it’s not holding the scent of the fragrance oil I am not getting a hot throw!!! I regret buying this wax!! I need my money back ! <---Califronia Candle Supply Repsonse---> Hi Tisha, We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your wax. Please reach out to us directly through the support tab so we can go over your candle making process in better detail. Afterwords If you still wish to be assisted with a product return please let us know. Thank you.